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Jamie of Adamski Builders LLC does not have a different day job, or installs radon mitigation systems as side jobs.  It is easy to check by doing Google and Facebook search on the person.  Be aware of companies with undocumented employees, and non-insured sub contractors.  Under law you are liable of injuries on your property.  Including medical care bills, and potential workers compensation.

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contractor since 2002.  Locally owned and operated.  Adamski Builders LLC has focused business operations primarily on radon mitigation and reduction services since 2014. 


​  Jamie Adamski is the owner of Adamski Builders LLC and radon measurement and radon mitigation certificate holder.  He will inspect your home, go over the option(S) to fix the radon issue, and is the person that will actually be working on the radon project.  NO SUB-CONTRACTORS.

Jamie has completed training in Radon Measurement & Mitigation Proficiency Courses.  Been a National Radon Proficiency Program (NRPP) Certified Residential Mitigation Provider since 2007, a licensed Minnesota building contractor since 2001, and a Wisconsin dwelling


  Every structure is unique and so is every system designed.  Installed many mitigation systems and have NEVER failed lowering the radon level on any structure regardless of age, size, style location or degree of difficulty.  Adamski Builders LLC is the company that people call when no one else has been able to correct the problem.

  The reason for the success is because of our unique ability to perform diagnostics which allows to design the perfect system for every structure.  Our clients benefit by owning a system that is effective, attractive, efficient and as maintenance free as possible.  After we've performed our diagnostics, we fully explain all possible options and our clients decide on which option they would prefer.  Most radon companies in the U.S. don't provide options, don't perform diagnostics services.  Diagnostics is the absolutely most important aspect of designing a system that will provide the lowest radon exposure possible for your family.

  Adamski Builders LLC has high ethical standards.  Only installing radon mitigation systems, and sealing projects.  NOT RADON MEASUREMENT TESTING.  There is potential conflict if you use the same person, affiliated partnership or company to conduct both the radon test, and radon mitigation of the home.  That is why Adamski Builders LLC welcomes a third party to evaluate, inspect, and test the radon level of their work.  Helping homeowners that want a healthier home.  Working with home sellers and buyers during real estate transactions to confirm the work will be done correctly.

  Adamski Builders LLC puts all of its focus to inform, educate,

and reduce radon.  Designing every radon mitigation system

to be quiet, and low operating costs.  Operating cost includes

fan electricity usage, and heated / air conditioned air loss in

the home.  An over sized fan and not properly sealing

required areas can put unwanted negative air pressure inside

of home. Pulling the homes conditioned air that you have

spent money to heat and cool, down through openings in the

slab and through the mitigation vent line to the outside.  Not

sealing required areas will lower the radon level, but will higher you operating costs.  Adamski Builders LLC uses Energy Star radon fans when possible.  Average electrical cost to operate fans that Adamski Builders LLC installs range from $10.00 to $35.00 per year.  Some fans on the market can cost $80.00 to $120.00 or more per year to operate.  Cost of energy loss when the homes heated and air conditioned air is pulled from the home through the slab and openings in slab can range from $5.00 to $300.00 or more per year.