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Repairing Slab Cracks 

Repairing Hidden Slab Opening

Sealing Projects

BEFORE  -  Open Unsealed Sump Cover

Before  -  Hidden issue under wall

Adamski Builders LLC performs Advanced Diagnostic Testing (ADT) also known as Pressure Field Extension Testing.  Readings indicated there was issues not achieving proper suction under the slab.  Found one inch gap in slab under perimeter basement walls.  Achieved proper suction once the repairs were made.

After -  Sealed slab opening

AFTER  -  Sump Cover With Seals & Gaskets

Cover is anchored down so kids and pets can not fall in sump basin.

BEFORE  -  Cleaned slab crack. 

That was covered with carpet

Cleaned Out Cold Joint

Cold Joint Seam

​Sealed Cold Joint

Closer Look at Gap Width

Repairing Unsealed Sump Cover

AFTER  -  Caulked slab crack.

Specializing In Radon Mitigation

During  -  Found opening in slab under walls bottom plate