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​   I feel bad for the sellers situation.  They have been living in the home and had no idea of the radon issue or even about radon gas.  This may be the first time they are learning about radon gas.  As a result, when it comes time for a radon system for real estate, the number one thing I am asked by sellers is, how cheap can you put a mitigation system in for?

  Adamski Builders LLC always tries to give the best price on radon mitigation projects.  The projects have to be do correctly the first time, and stands behind the work.  Because I run an honest business, have to cover the cost of insurance for our vehicles, and business.  With everything that is involved to run this business, down to the last item figured in, I have priced our systems at the lowest possible point to be able to cover costs and still earn a living.

  When a seller asks me the question about how cheap you can put a mitigation system in for, I normally tell them that I'm the company that is concerned about the quality of the entire project including sealing if needed, the mitigation system, and the future owners.  Not just the next owners, but the owner after that.  With the guarantee the radon level is below the acceptable 4.0 picoCuries/liter (pCi/L).  Most projects I worked on have post radon readings between 0.4 to 1.0 picoCuries/liter (pCi/L).  And warranty the system for the new owners.

  Sometimes that statement will work and I will end up with the job.  Most of the time the seller says, “I don’t care who installs it, how the system looks, where it’s placed or how noisy it is, I just want the cheapest system and a passing test.” In most cases the other company is $50 to $150 less. Is that enough of a price break to gamble with the health of your family?  I hope the seller of the home they are moving into didn’t have that attitude.

  Less expensive systems are cheaper because of how they are installed.  When you cut corners, and don’t include all the necessary items for a system, you can install it cheaper.  Even though a company may be a certified radon provider, does not mean they know what they are doing.

   For home buyers: If you want the best radon system for your family, if you want the best looking, best placed, quiet system.  Do you want the company to be there if something goes wrong with your system.  Do you want the best warranty and guarantee for your family.  Offer to pay the difference.

  You may have to pay nothing to a little to have it done right, and too have peace of mind.  The seller and agent will not have any objections if you request Adamski Builders LLC to install the system and offer to pay the difference on what we would charge and what another company is willing to do it for.

  There is no need to get stuck with what the seller was willing to pay for, or with a company that is willing to do it wrong.